Dressage horses & sporthorses for sale!

Welcome to WesTrade Stables!

WesTrade Stables in The Netherlands has built a worldwide network of top breeders and trainers over the past years. A trusting relationship between trainers and top breeders forms a knowledgable and experienced team of professionals with one common goal:

Find the perfect horse for you!

We buy and sell dressage horses worldwide and we can offer you top quality Dutch KWPN sporthorses of all ages, levels and disciplines with clear x-rays from famous and interesting Dutch bloodlines.

Give us your specifics: type, temperament, color, sex, age, level of training and your budget and we will find your sporthorse, guaranteed!

We have a large selection of quality sporthorses for sale, including:

  • Young horses
  • Dressage horses
  • Dutch KWPN sporthorses
  • Dutch warmbloods
  • German sporthorses
  • Competition horses

Our focus is on producing dressage and sporthorses with good temperaments and high rideability; horses that are well bred, well trained and easy to ride.

Our sale horses are hand selected based on multiple criteria including soundness, conformation, athleticism, temperament, pedigree and abilities.

Quality dressage horses of all levels!

Whether you are looking for an all round pleasure horse or a competion sporthorse , we may well have the horse that is compatible with your needs.

All of our horses are in professional training seven days a week and have a solid foundation in dressage and all of our beautiful horses are fully vetted

If you are looking for a top quality horse, do not hesitate to make inquiries or an appointment with us, please let us know what kind of horse you (or your student) are looking for by giving your preference for gender, color, age, height, schooling level and price range.

We invite you to come and visit us in Holland to take a look at our range of dressage and other sporthorses for sale. We are looking forward to meeting you soon.

We are located in the west of the Netherlands, 1 hours away from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. (by car)

Accomodation is available 5 minutes away from our stables.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need further information on any of our horses, training or other services, you can contact us by phone or email.
WesTrade Stables, your partner in business!

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